about us

The modern Indian woman's worldview of beauty has changed. Beauty is now not about only how things look on the outside. It's also about how things are on the inside. It's about what a brand makes people feel from the inside out, empowering and enabling a person to be her best self.

So, what happens when beauty meets functionality? When form meets function? When aesthetics meets practical sustainable fashion. That's when an exceptional brand like Urban Kali is born.

Challenging convention, breaking myths, unshackling old definitions of womanhood, Urban Kali is here to democratise fashion. We are empowering women to reinvent their personal style. We are here to make an urban woman stay true to her individual style, making her clothes a form of self expression. Based in Surat, Urbankali was founded in 2021 by women founders who are walking the talk.

Urbankali has garments that cater to celebrations in an urban woman's life. Easy going and functional: each of our collections is designed to bring out the best in her. We are here to empower and inspire a woman to celebrate life every day through her sense of beauty and style.